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What does professional wrestling and yoga have in common? Well, DDP of course! DDP is, a WWE Wrestling Champion. Not something you would usually connect with yoga, but with a growing fanbase around the world and the tagline 'It ain't your mama's yoga,' prepare to be impressed, amused and sweaty! DDP YOGA: What is it? DDP YOGA is a form of power yoga that mixes yoga positions and rehabilitation techniques, slow burn old-school calisthenics, and dynamic resistance exercises to get visible results faster. 'DDP YOGA is a yoga-based exercise system that uses dynamic resistance, isometrics and isokinetics,' Dallas tells Lots of Yoga.

Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Anyone have a link/torrent/copy of DDP Yoga? I want to start DDP Yoga, the beginner DVD set is like $70 and like many people starting a new program. The DDP YOGA NOW. Offers trial content and full access to exercise tracking for free, with the ability to access the vast library of workouts, nutritional videos, recipes, and motivational content.

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If you've never heard of DDP YOGA, perhaps you've seen this video of the story of Arthur Boorman. Arthur's inspiring story has been viewed over 12m times. Arthur was a disabled veteran who was told by doctors that he would never walk again unassisted. He met DDP and his life changed forever. He lost 100 pounds in 6 months and was not only able to walk again, but sprint run with no difficulty at all.

Arthur Boorman before and after he started getting fit with DDP 'When I first talked to [Arthur] on the phone I had no idea what he would achieve with DDP YOGA and a little encouragement. Without a doubt, it’s the most incredible transformation in fitness history! It’s because of Arthur’s amazing story, that I like to ask, “WHAT COULD YOU DO?” Most of us have it easy compared to him, and he is now a true DDP YOGA warrior! He has proven to so many that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.' DDP YOGA: How it all began DDP is Diamond Dallas Page, a WWE Wrestling Champion who, ever since suffering injuries to his spinal discs in 1998, turned to a lighter form of exercise by means of yoga, but wanted something a bit more intense, since he was used to hardcore stuff, what with wrestling and all.

He tried many forms of exercise, a bit of martial arts, a bit of Pilates, and eventually come up with his own yoga system incorporating his trademark DDP-ness (including his trademark 'Diamond-cutter' hand signal). 'When my wife first suggested that I do yoga, I laughed,' says Dallas. 'I was the kind of guy that wouldn't be caught dead doing something like yoga.

But when I was told how serious my injury was serious - I had damaged my L4 and L5 discs - I decided to give it a try. I got a couple of my buddy 's yoga on VHS and that helped me a lot.' Dallas enjoyed yoga and quickly saw its benefits but found that he needed more modifications than were being offered. By doing his own thing, incorporating more and more resistance and modifications into the routine, Dallas found that his back was improving greatly. And so, DDP YOGA was born.