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When it comes to investigating an issue, answering a question or simply making sense of something, we often look to information to help us get there, and it’s rare that numeric or linear data will give you the full picture on its own. Qualitative or unstructured data can hold the key to richer insights and true research discovery that can revolutionize your recommendations and set you ahead of the field. NVivo Pro Overview Import and analyze text, images, video, emails, spreadsheets, online surveys, web and social media data in virtually any language. Import, create or conveniently order NVivo-ready transcripts from TranscribeMe. Organize information using theme, case, in-vivo and relationship coding.

Save time by autocoding structured data. Review your coding with coding stripes and highlighting. Generate a report of your coding structure, including descriptions, to show team members and align coding practices. Export in Word or Excel format.

Free download custom maid 3d save game completed. Keep track of thoughts and ideas with memos and annotations. Ask questions of your data using text search, word frequency, coding, matrix coding and coding comparison queries. Use framework analysis to condense large volumes of data into a summary of topics. Visualize and share your data with a comprehensive suite of visualizations. Directly import surveys from SurveyMonkey and Qualtrics via API.

Import and manage information from reference management software like EndNote, Zotero, Refworks and Mendeley. Import from note-taking software OneNote and Evernote. Combine your qualitative and quantitative analysis by using NVivo with tools like Microsoft Excel and IBM SPSS Statistics. Export items to easily share your data, analysis and findings. Work in a small team using project merging, or connect to NVivo for Teams for real time collaboration and secure teamwork. Access NVivo for Mac at no extra cost.

Work with a user interface in English, Chinese, German, French, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese.

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R10 is our most amazing creation yet. Discover all of the brand new features, improvements and enhancements. First released in 2005, Geneious is the world's leading bioinformatics software platform used by over 3,000 universities, institutes and companies in more than 100 countries. Geneious is used by all of the top 20 universities globally (Times Higher Education, 2016) and by sixteen of the 20 largest pharmaceutical companies. NGS Analysis and Genomics De novo assembly or reference mapping of Illumina, PacBio or Ion Torrent reads (any length, paired ends, barcodes), using industry leading algorithms including TopHat and Velvet.

Comprehensive analysis of data including genome browser, contig visualization, SNP calling and RNA-Seq expression analysis. Sequence and Chromatogram Analysis Trim, assemble and view Sanger sequencing trace files, correct base calls and create consensus sequences.

Automatic annotation for gene prediction, motifs, translation and variant calling. Genotype microsatellite traces with automated ladder fitting and peak calling and generate tables of alleles. Alignment and Tree Building Perform pairwise and multiple alignments of DNA or protein using trusted algorithms including MAFFT and ClustalW. View and edit alignments with real-time translation and highlighting.

Build phylogenetic trees using peer-reviewed algorithms including RAxML and PAUP* and adjust display settings for publication-ready graphics. Searching, Sharing and Automation Batch BLAST against NCBI and directly search GenBank.

Centralize and collaborate on data with seamlessly integrated shared repositories. Import and export most industry standard file formats. Setup automated workflows to increase efficiency, control business processes and reduce human error in your research. What's New in Geneious R10 New features include improved cloning and plasmid viewing, alignment masking, chimera filtering, and better structural variant mapping and long read assembly. Discover all of the brand new features, improvements and enhancements in Geneious R10.