Budova Avtomata Ak 47

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Posted November 29, 2018 in AK-47 / AK-74 / Everything AK, Editorial by Hrachya H with No Comments Tags: 6P70, 6P71, ak-12, ak-15, GRAU, Kalashnikov AK-12 and AK-15 rifles were adopted by the Russian military at the beginning of the current year.

Table of Contents Loading. Brief AK-47 History The AK-47 stands for “Avtomat Kalashnikova 1947” and was designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov. It was the main assault rifle of Eastern Bloc countries during the Cold War. There’s tons of variants but the one we think of most when we hear “AK-47” is the.

AKM, And there’s a lot of AK’sin a 2004 report, it was estimated that 100 million out of 500 million guns worldwide belonged to the Kalashnikov family of rifles. Why Are AKs Awesome Kalashnikov built the AK off principles of it being easy to mass produce, easy to maintain, and easy to operate. It’s so easykids can use it. Iranian Child Soldier, Unfortunatelyyes.

When, the AK-47 is much easier to train users. And of coursethere’s its reputation of superb reliability.

The AK achieves this due to its simplicity and use of loose tolerances. Field Stripped AK-47 Simplicity comes from the use of a long-stroke piston design which uses the gas from the round to move a piston and bolt carrier. The gas doesn’t directly contact a lot of thingsit keeps things running cleaner (unlike ARs).

AK Piston, Everything is also large-and-in-charge so there’s less possibility of small parts breaking. AK Bolt, Piston, Recoil Spring Plus, while some things had to have tight tolerancesmost didn’t like the bolt carrier and trigger mechanism. Check out all that space in there. AK-47 Receiver It can take lots of environmental debris before something stops working.


Next upits ammo. The 7.62x39mm packs a bigger wallop with a larger caliber bullet (7.62x39mm) compared to the AR-15’s round (5.56x45mm). Check out our picks for the best and the best. Common Bullet Calibers Lastlythough it doesn’t have as much upgrade capability as an AR-15there’s still A LOT you can do to make an AK your own. AK-47 with UltimAK & Aimpoint Why AKs Suck Common arguments are that the AK has inferior ergonomics when compared to more modern rifles such as the AR-15, increased recoil, and terrible accuracy. Regarding ergonomicsI think it’s true. Some things are harder to manipulate such as the safety and magazine release.

WASR-10 Parts Diagram But since the charging handle is on the right side, most people will be able to use their dominant hand to more easily rack it compared to the AR’s charging handle. AK-47 Without Dust Cover And because the round is largerthere definitely is increased recoil. But not so much that it would bother most (kids). Lastlythe reports of the AK being inaccurate. Source It’s a little true,comparitively.