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The player meets 'The Man' in the beginning of the game and the blond who introduces the sexual gameplay mechanics. BoneTown is an, in that it is sexually explicit in nature. The premise of the game is that as the player completes more missions, his become larger; the player is able to have sex with more attractive women as they become thinner. The character wakes up to a urinating onto the player's face; the game then begins with a tutorial explaining how to beat up the brother. A woman explains to the player that the point of the game is to have sex with as many women as possible, and then performs on the player character.

After finishing, a man in a suit approaches and explains that he is part of an organization called '. He warns the player that is illegal and if the player is caught, he will be arrested. The player goes through the game completing missions for various individuals in a style reminiscent of the video games; missions include participating in and beating up someone who believes they are. The player explores the game's locale, Bonetown, and its various neighborhoods which are sexual puns, such as 'Missionary Beach'. Women are scattered throughout the city, and the player is able to have sex with any of them; sex can either be for the player's enjoyment, or to recover in-game health, depending on the positions selected.

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The game requires the player to match the desires of the woman in order to last as long as possible. Temporary power-ups are given through. Development [ ] BoneTown was developed by -based D-Dub Software, which was founded in 2004 by recent college graduates Hod and JB. Hod stated that they set out to make a game which featured gratuitous sex and drug use but contained no violence; although the game contains weapons and fighting, there is no blood and people are only knocked out, not killed. He called 's 'our number one influence' for the humor in the game. The company set out to create a new industry and marketing model for adult games as most retailers refuse to sell Adult Only rated games by the.

BoneTown was self-released by D-Dub on November 12, 2008. Reception [ ] BoneTown received mostly negative reviews for its mediocre gameplay and juvenile humor. GameZone's Mike Splechta stated that the game, '.

Is essentially an interactive porno that, while is intriguing at first, is limited in scope.' The reviewer noted that the game's dry sense of humor would only appeal to certain people.

In their 'Year in Sex: 2008' summary, called Bonetown 'an exploitation game of the first rank' and calls the gameplay mechanics 'standard fare'. References [ ].

I was recently able to take the sci-fi movie inspired video game, for a spin and I have to tell you that it’s the raunchiest, dirtiest, funniest, sexiest PC video game I’ve ever played in my life. Captain Fort Worth and the Space Wranglers will help guide you through the game when Lubbock gets hammered and smashes your ship into a new planet that nobody from this world has ever seen before. Don’t get too stressed out though when you meet the Elven Queen at the Elf Brothel and learn pretty quickly that this isn’t the type of game that you’ve been used to playing. It’s something far beyond that. The Wranglers are all built after some real life celebrities and when you see The Impregnator or Nibbles Tyson you’re bound to let out a real laugh. Well, I did and it scared my roommate who was sleeping at the time. BoneCraft is a first-person PC that lets you control some hilarious parody characters while free roaming through a land that is built to give you the ability to have sex, do drugs and drink a LOT of alcohol.

Bonetown Mods Spin

I was shocked at first when I started really diving into the game and realizing just how raunchy they were getting with the characters, but the game play itself was so good that I quickly got used to having sex with aliens. Seriously, you’ll feel as good as I did when I was able to kill the Dick-Monsters and get to double team an elf with Lubbock. I mean, bringing me back a slutty alien to have fun with is the least he could do after crashing my ship right?

This is definitely an adult video game that maybe makes a joke out of classic RPG games like World of Warcraft, but BoneCraft takes fighting and fucking to a whole new level. However, at it’s core, BoneCraft is a porn video game that pushes the limits of what you think of when you think about what an adult’s video game should be and far exceeds your expectations about it being everything you could ever want. You and Macho Mandy Savage can have a threesome with a wookie while the rest of the Wranglers spread out and fight or fuck every alien they come across.

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