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Famous American rock band Bon Jovi was formed in early eighties of the previous millennium in New Jersey. The permanent leader of the group Jon Bon Jovi got the job in a sound recording company in 1983 and that was the place where he made his first records with the help of studio musicians. These demo records proved to be Jon’s lucky ticket to the world of rock: songs attracted the experienced producers’ attention and the artist started looking for the members for his own band. The line-up was formed pretty quickly and the group’s debut self-titled album Bon Jovi saw the light in 1984. The long play turned out to be extremely successful and it was very well received by the listeners and critics. Such powerful compositions as Runaway, Burning For Love and many others were really enjoyed by the listeners and that is also proved by the fact that more than three and a half millions of copies were sold all around the world. The rockers’ following work titled 7800° Fahrenheit (1985) found its audience as well and it was certified Platinum in the USA.

However the real success came to Bon Jovi after the release of their third album Slippery When Wet (1986). That record peaked at the very top of Billboard 200, which says a lot about the listeners’ interest in the band’s creativity. It is worth mentioning that Slippery When Wet proved to be one of the most successful Bon Jovi’s works: initially the musicians wrote about thirty songs for that album. Raskroj kuznecova keygen.

Oct 24, 2017 - Here's a list of the top 10 best Bon Jovi songs to date.

After that they presented these compositions to teenagers in New York and New Jersey and only after that rockers chose the best songs for Slippery When Wet, considering the listeners’ opinion. Time showed that it was a wise decision indeed. Thus Bon Jovi managed to start their career in a very loud way and they wanted to keep on rocking: such strong albums as New Jersey (1988), Keep The Faith (1992) and These Days (1995) turned out to be great proofs of that. Bright and recognizable style became the signature feature of the band, so it is hardly possible to mix up their songs with someone else’s. Bon Jovi entered the new millennium with the strong album Crush (2000) that included one of their most famous songs - It's My Life. In spite of the long and truly successful career and the great number of numerous hits and wonderful albums released, the musicians still have the passion to create.

The release of the new record The Circle took place in 2009 and it debuted at the top of many world charts, including Billboard Rock Albums. Moreover, Bon Jovi’s signature atmosphere that is so much loved by their fans had been presented in a full volume, which perfectly proves the highest quality of the material and performance as well. There is absolutely no doubt that the traditionally strong album The Circle will please not only lovers of rock but also all connoisseurs of high quality and sincere music.