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Installing: auto script writer 2 comes with AutoHotkey 1.0.15, so you have to install AutoHotkey 1.0.15. Open downloaded file. If it is zipped, and open it then click next > I agree > next > install > finish. Manual file opens, close it and go to Drive C > Program Files > Folder 'AutoHotkey' > Folder 'AutoScriptWriter' > open file ' AutoScriptWriter.exe' 3. Knowing the rules: this program can record • Mouse movement on the screen • Where you click on the screen • What you press on the keyboard, you have to press Window Text button.

We are just going to do basic scripts, where we define a key or set of keys which we are going to press and then the action. Right click on your desktop, and click New -> Autohotkey Script. Name it anything you want, and open it in your favorite text editor. I'm going to use notepad.

First, delete everything that is there. Feel free to edit the version, language, platform and author if you wish, but it is unnecessary. In the script, we will start with something along the lines of this: ^!w::The up arrow means Ctrl, the!

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Download ebook kimia organik fessenden jilid 1 Means Alt and the w means w. Also, the windows key (#) and Shift (+) can be added here. The double colon (::) after the hotkey defines the set of keys to be the hotkey to start the script. So, ^!w::means that the hotkey for this script is going to be Ctrl-Alt-W. Now, onto the next step.