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Imagefap downloader. Jan 9, 2016 - Office Office (2001): Laughing Along With The Common Man. First aired on SAB TV in 2000, it took a scathing dig at the exploits of a man.

It’s 25 years since satellite TV came to India. We look back at the early years (before saas-bahu serials took over our screens) and zoom in on 25 desi shows we loved. Dekh Bhai Dekh (1993): People Like Us, Only Way Funnier Anand Mahendroo put together an ensemble cast with great comic timing – Sushma Seth, Navin Nishchol, Shekhar Suman, Farida Jalal – in Dekh Bhai Dekh, which was shown on DD Metro. The story was of a khandan with all sorts of idiosyncrasies. Plus: a young Deven Bhojani playing Karima, the obese domestic help with panache. Also, Liliput, the writer, did several cameos.

Antakshari (1993): The Great Indian Singalong, And You Knew The Words When Antakshari started in 1993 on Zee, nobody thought it would go on to become so popular. Using a combination of normal antakshari along with rounds based on audio and visual clues, the simple household game got a glamorous makeover. Host Annu Kapoor became synonymous with the show, though his co-hosts – a succession of women – kept changing over 11 seasons. Part of the joy of Antakshari was that audiences themselves played along with the show. Annu Kapoor with co-host Pallavi Joshi in 'Close up Antakshari” (Photo by HT Photo).

Tara (1993): The First Touch Of Feminism Four girls. Interweaving storylines of friendship, ambition, love, and secrets. When Raman Kumar’s soap, Tara, written by Vinta Nanda, aired on Zee in 1993, viewers were riveted. With its refreshingly honest depiction of urban women, it gave viewers their first taste of feminism and made the cropped haired Navneet Nishan a household name. Tara was axed five years later. Says Nanda: “I remember the programming head calling me to his office and saying, ‘women like you should not be allowed in the country’. I knew I had done something right!”.

Yatin Karyekar, Mandira Bedi and Amar Talwar in a still from Shanti. (HT Photo by Ashok Punatar). The first ever daily soap on Indian TV, Shanti aired on DD National in 1994 and re-ran on Star Plus later. A drama series that acquired a cult following, it delved into the story of two friends and their heavily guarded past that is unearthed layer by layer when a young journalist called Shanti arrives in their midst.

Dark, slightly sinister, Shanti was an explosive mix of love, treachery and betrayal. Shanti, played by Mandira Bedi – with her flowing curly hair and big bindi – became one of the most iconic TV characters. Swabhimaan (1995): The Other Side Of The Other Woman A daily soap that aired from 1995 to 1997, Swabhimaan was every Indian woman’s guilty afternoon indulgence.

Directed by Mahesh Bhatt, scripted by author Shobhaa De and writer/actor Vinod Ranganath, the serial revolved around a unique premise. Svetlana (played by Kitu Gidwani) is a mistress whose rich patron dies. She struggles to deal with the emotional turmoil that follows his death along with bitter inheritance wars and succession rights with the legitimate family.

Satish Shah and Ratna Pathak Shah. It was supposed to be a show of film songs with stories woven around them. But the producers ran into copyright issues and it became a sitcom about a film-obsessed family on Zee. Download crack keygen autocad 2007 torrent. Ratna Pathak Shah played Rukmani, the wife.

Satish Shah, who came up with the idea, played Prashant, her husband. They had two kids, and there was a dadi, who unlike the others, was not too fond of films and was often traumatised by the proceedings. Eventually the gags became repetitive and the show reached its expiry date. There was a reboot, but it failed to impress. A Mouthful of Sky (1995): When Indian TV Spoke English.