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The main objective of the course is to develop interpreting skills in different topics (not highly specialized texts). The objective defines the course goals, they are as follows: to describe special features of interpreting in comparison with translation, to work out and perfect necessary methods (process of making notes), to acquire   knowledge (Interpreter's Code of Ethics and Protocols) and skills (switching from Source Language into Target Language, linear speech), to get to   know about peculiarities of various genres. New autoplay media studio 751006 full version 2016 free and torrent free. COURSE REQUIREMENTS At the end of the Interpreting Course, 4 th Year, students are required:   -          to distinctly apprehend the difference between translation and interpreting features; -          to get to know the Interpreter's Code of Ethics, i.e. Strict conventions that govern the interpreter's place; -          to be able to interpret   texts (not highly specialized) on a variety of topics; -          to know not less than 200 Russian-English equivalents of toponyms; -          to know not less than 100 cliches derived from the texts both analyzed and interpreted during our classes. RECOMMENDED LITERATURE 1. Alexeyeva I.S. Professionalniy trening perevodchika: Uchebnoe posobie   po ustnomu I pismennomu perevodu dlya perevodchikov i prepodavateley. - SPb.: Izdatelstvo 'Soyuz', 2004.

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