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Though this is an unofficial app, it’s worth highlighting that both the update downloads and the content they contain are completely legitimate, based on the files distributed by the company as OTA (over-the-air) updates from previous months. The trick lies in that the fact that the petition gets made through a proxy that makes the remote server believe that it’s “time” to update your device. In principle the compatibility with EMUI 4 is complete, but for version 5 of the Huawei customization layer you’ve got to enable the option to trick the company’s version control system using a proxy. To activate it go to the left pullout menu, access Settings, and tick Use proxy for install, which will install a small update in the process. Just keep in mind the one detail that could even end up bricking your device if you’re not careful: you’ve got to know which version you’re installing.

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Welcome to the Huawei P9, P9 Lite and P9 Plus Android update tracker page. This page covers all the major software news for the Huawei P9 and will be. 49 rows  Download official Firmware (ROM) for Update or Unbrick all Huawei Mobile phone.

When you click the Refresh button and see all the versions, you’ll realize there are two different kinds: standard OTA ones and the Full versions. The latter take up more than 1GB in addition to all the packages needed to rewrite the full firmware. The other, smaller files can be considered patches that get installed on the firmware you’re currently using. The problem is that it’s OBLIGATORY to have the specific firmware installed that the update is designed for, as otherwise you could find yourself in a lot of problems. To check whether the firmware to be downloaded is compatible with your version and region, you can do the following: tap the firmware in question, go to Check Firmware Access, and from there pick With IMEI. You’ll get a window there indicating whether the device is compatible with this particular version.

We note again that Firmware Finder is not a fraudulent app nor does it require any kind of root permissions to work. Hence it’s a fantastic tool for people who are eager to get updates for their devices as soon as possible. It’s also particularly useful for people who buy devices internationally, as in many cases they get firmware updates much later than everyone else because of exclusivity agreements or local impacts on devices associated with a particular service provider.