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Contents • • • • • • • • • • • FAQ Running the game • Q1: I keep getting an '(0) Yotogi.Category enum parse error (character not japanese)' error when I run the game and I have AppLocale? A: If your receive an error '(0) Yotogi.Category enum parse error (character not japanese)', that mean your computer have not completely changed the located system to japan. You must do the follow below (choose one method only). • You can't use AppLocale to run the x64 version because AppLocale don't support x64 version.

But you can use AppLocale to run the x86 version on Windows 7,8 by step below. • Copy files and folders CM3D2x86_Data and CM3D2x86.exe from installation folder to game folder. (example: C: KISS CM3D2) • Right click CM3D2x86.exe and select run with Japanese locale (you need for the right-click options). Note: HF pAppLoc doesn't work with Windows 10 or x64 version.

• For x64 version without set window system locate to japanese, you can using by setting and press the arrow on the bottom right. That makes you can right click CM3D2x64.exe to run with NTLEA x64. • Set window system locate to japanese to do the following (recommend this method because it simple and work fine on window 10). Control Panel > Region > Administrative Tab > Language for non-Unicode programs choose Japanese(Japan) and restart your computer.

• Q2: My game crashes doing in maid creation or doing change skin color and my graphic card is AMD. How to fix this problem? A: This guide is helpful for you or you can access in case the website blocked. • Q3: How do I install the translations? • Q4: My game is black screen with numbers.

How to fix this problem? A: Maybe this problem is caused from write protected files and unsufficent user rights for the game folder.

(example: C: KISS CM3D2) • Right click the game folder > Properties > Security Tab > Advanced • The list shows the user accounts, where you must add your own account. Then set access full control for this folder and all subfolders and files, then press ok to finish. A: Another cause could be using the wrong Sybaris variant. There is a variant for (a separate standalone game), usually named Sybaris II, and you might have used that.

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Read the sybaris README's before installing or updating. To test if this is your problem, move opengl32.dll outside of the game's root folder for the time being, or just rename it and run the game. If it works again, then this is your problem. Get the correct CM3D2 variant of Sybaris. • Q5: I get a 'Daily panel' error during gameplay? A: Make sure that you have the official ver1.03 patch installed (and it is correct version x86 or x64). • Q6: When installing patch keeps telling me 'Game main executable couldn't be found, patch may be invalid' that after I try to install the patch?

A: Make sure the game is installed correctly. If not, the updater will not detect CM3D2 folder on your computer. If you are sure that you have installed correctly, then try to download the patch again from the official site. • Q7: Incorrect Position UI, Transparent UI, White UI, Black screen stuck on Day 1, Night service skill name overlapping after update patch? A: Delete Folder 'Assets' and 'Texture' in Sybaris UnityInjector Config and replace them with files download from. This solve whatever problem you encouter (v1.49 UI translation for ver1.52 or higher, older version you can find them in HF).

Note: this trouble often found after KISS update the game, be careful this solution in this specific to your game version. • Q8: After installed Karaoke Pack VR, I can't found the karaoke button on the menu and I have used translate plugin? A: Update patch v1.53 and replace a file in translate UI assets folder with file from. • Q9: My game is error 'Maid.SetProp' after update patch ver1.56. How to fix that error? A: Install ignore errors setprop plugin and update the plugins and loaders you are using according to the list below. • • • • • • • • • Q10: I'm trying to run the game on linux through wine, but the game crashes before even opening a window.