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Flyff Preeminent is made to bring back the old memories of the flyff community with a mid rate server Exp. X50, Drop Rate x3, Penya x5, making the game balance and fair at all times. Assuring the fairness to all players, offering good gameplay and cheap premium items. Look at most relevant Flyff v19 websites out of 26.1 Thousand at Flyff v19 found at,, and etc. Check the best results!

Flyff EXPLORE THE MAGICAL LANDS OF MADRIGAL! Rewards Create a new character and get these items, absolutely FREE! * Mouse over the items to learn more * $50 in value! • Scroll of Amplification R (1 Day) This scroll increases the EXP you gain from killing monsters by 100%. Stacks up to 5 times with other Amplification Scrolls.

• Re-Stat Resets your stats. • Re-Skill Allows you to redistribute your skill points once. Does not work for Vagrants.

• Refresher Hold A curious blue potion that grants the imbiber unlimited Magic Points (MP) for a limited time. This item cannot be traded. • Vitaldrink X A very strong energy drink that completely refills the imbiber's Focus Points (FP) while granting unlimited FP for a limited time. Audiorealism drum machine crack.

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Lasts 20 minutes. • Upcut Stone Magic stone that adds 20% Attack. • Traseia (7 Days) A ticket that grants unlimited access to Traseia for 7 days, once activated. Traseia contains monsters from level 116 to 127. • Syila Bike Box (7 Days) Contains a Syila Bike (7 Days).

• Kitty (7 Days) Summons a Kitty pet. Once this pet is summoned it will follow its owner and pick up dropped items. What is Flyff? Conquer the skies in Flyff (Fly for Fun), the anime-style MMORPG.

Discover the mythical world of Madrigal together with tens of thousands of other players. Prevail against the many dangers of this magical place, where hordes of monsters and exciting adventures await you! • A Unique Flying Adventure Rise to the skies with Flyff’s unique flying system and experience the freedom of the heavens.

Create your own home or loot unimagined treasures. • 16 Classes, Heroes, Pets and More Choose between 16 classes and evolve into the hero you really are. Earn special titles and make a name for yourself, create a unique character or raise a powerful pet to fight alongside you. • A Community Like No Other Our highly active community provides many opportunities to meet new friends and share experiences.

Form a guild to take on special challenges and even seize control of the land. Enter the elections, become a lord and rule Madrigal.


System Requirements.